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Protect Your Commercial Building

Security can be a chief concern when you own or manage a business. Your employees, you, and the building need protection at all times. At CSI, we offer effective commercial security systems for business owners throughout Texas. We recommend closed-circuit television along with other components that provide the security you want. To prevent fires, we design, install, monitor, and test fire alarm systems. Network IP cameras are also available for residences.

Business Solutions

Come to us for technology solutions that deter potential attacks on your commercial building. Let us get to know your business and your security concerns. Then we'll draw from the broadest range of technologically advanced products and experience available, including:

Video Surveillance | Digital Recording | Storage | Electronic Access Control | Full-Facility Alarm Monitoring | Intercommunication Systems

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Video Solutions

Are you concerned about inventory shrinkage, employee safety, and personnel accountability? A properly designed and installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) system in your business is the watchful eye that sees everything all the time. As a business owner or manager, there are many advantages to owning a complete CCTV system. In addition to catching or deterring theft, a CCTV system sees the good or bad things your employees do. This allows you to show and teach your employees ways to improve.

We offer affordable and proven digital video surveillance solutions for businesses desiring to increase their net profitability. Many businesses use digital video technology to control inventory shrinkage, increase employee safety, and monitor personnel accountability and performance.